2016 AMP Art Show

This Friday night May 13 is the Artist Mentorship Art Show at the Huntsville Art League.  It is the same time as the Receptions at Lowe Mill 6-8 pm.

Elisabeth DeGrute, Jacklyn Allebach, Paula Ethridge, Pat Martin, Sherry Miller

Also Thanks to the Mentors:
Ann Steverson, Mary Ellen Davidson, Adam Landingham, Stacy Morgan, Paul Ethridge, Heike Covell

 About AMP

The Artist Mentorship Program (AMP) combines several resources and services provided by the Huntsville Art League in support of emerging artists including: education, exhibition, professional development, peer critique, networking, Standards Committee feedback, and consultation sessions with professional artists.

AMP focuses on common needs among artists and disciplines.  Mentors will give guidance that is relevant across all arts disciplines.

Program Mission

The Mission of AMP is to provide mentorship, education, feedback and an avenue for success for emerging artists in Huntsville, AL.  Huntsville Art League is helping to cultivate the next generation of artists in our community.