Alabama Artist database

Gina Hurst from theArts Council is collecting your information to send to the Alabama Artist database. If you would like to be included, please read the instructions below and send your information to

We would like to invite you to be a part of the Alabama Artist database which is compiled by Alabama State Council on the Arts.

Elliot Knight is the new Visual Arts Program Manager/ Director, Alabama Artists Gallery at the state Arts Council. One of his projects is to compile an accurate list of artists who are working and living in Alabama. I need your help to make the Alabama Artist database as complete and accurate as possible.

Elliot mentioned that they receive many inquiries from arts organizations and galleries seeking listings of artists to invite for participation in juried shows and arts festivals. Their goal is to have a database searchable by discipline and geographic area, so that they can generate a list of painters that live in North Alabama, for example. The artist contact information will not be publicly posted, but will be available to arts organizations by request. They will never sell any of this information or use it in a manner inconsistent with the purpose outlined above.

The state Arts Council hopes that this database will benefit both artists and arts organizations by increasing the ability to share information and communication with one another. If you would like to be listed, please provide the info below by May 23, 2013.

Last Name
First Name
Telephone Number
Email Address
Website Address
*Primary Discipline
*Secondary Discipline (if applicable)

*Please refer to the discipline code which are part of the National Standard that is used by the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies.

05 Visual Arts
A experimental: include conceptual, new media, new approaches
B graphics: include printmaking and books arts; don not include graphic design see design arts 06, for graphic design
D painting: include watercolor
F sculpture

06 Design Arts
A architecture
B fashion
C graphic
D industrial
E interior
F landscape architecture
G urban/metropolitan

07 Crafts
A clay
B fiber
C glass
D leather
E metal
F paper
G plastic
H wood
I mixed media

08 Photography: including holography

09 Media Arts
A film
B audio: include radio, sound installations
C video
D technology/experimental media as the primary expressive vehicle

Thanks, Gina

Gina Hurst
Member & Volunteer Services Manager
700 Monroe Street, Suite 2
Huntsville, AL. 35801
(p) 256-519-2787