Artist Information for Collectors’ Draw 2013

Dear Artist:

The Collectors’ Draw for 2013 will be different from any held in previous years.  While the structure of the draw will remain the same, the locale as well as the accompanying events will make it “A Draw to Remember!”

 For starters – the event will be held at A.M. Booth’s Lumberyard in Huntsville on February 24th.

We will feature music by local vocalist David Anderson.  We will also feature a silent auction.  You, as a donor, may offer another piece of work with a minimum opening bid which you may keep.  Monies in excess of the minimum will be donated to the Art League.  As an added inducement and in appreciation for your donation, we will give you two tickets to the musical entertainment.  These tickets will be sold separate from the Collectors’ Draw tickets.

This year we are going “all out” with a marketing and publicity campaign to reach as many people in the Tennessee Valley as possible with the goal of getting the most exposure for your art that we can.

We are counting on your participation to make February 24, 2013, a memorable event.  To that end, here are the guidelines you should follow when making your donation:

Donated work should retail for a minimum of $150 and should represent your work at its best.

Written commitment for donated art must be made by December 1, 2012.  Please fill out the attached form and return it to the Huntsville Art League.

Work must be original and ready to display.  Two-dimensional works should be framed and ready to hang (no saw-tooth hangers).  Works on canvas may be unframed if the edges are painted and have no exposed staples.

Submitted work should include the artist’s name, title or description of work and medium (e.g. watercolor, oil, clay, photograph, etc.)

Art will be accepted at the Huntsville Art League beginning January 2, 2013 at 11am with a deadline of 5pm on January 26th.  Art received after that time and date will not be judged for prizes.



  • December 1, 2012 – Commitment letters from artists are due.
  • January 2, 2013 – Start accepting Collectors’ Draw artwork at the Art League
  • January 26, 2013 – Deadline for submission of Collectors’ Draw artwork
  • February 9, 2013 – Collectors’ Draw Preview Reception at the Huntsville Art League (donors welcome)
  • February 24, 2013 – Collectors’ Draw

 Your continued support of the Collectors’ Draw is vital to the Art League fulfilling its mission of showcasing local art from the Tennessee Valley.  This year we hope through the advent of the silent auction and the rental of booth space to give you, the artist, a means for receiving something back.  If you are interested in participating in these two events, please indicate so on the enclosed form and we will send additional information to you

Thank you,

Peter Grant
President, Huntsville Art League

Fred McBride
Chair, Collectors’ Draw Committee