Collector’s Draw

“Collector’s Draw” has been Huntsville Art League’s premier event for art collectors for over 25 years, and the organization’s top fundraiser.

The kickoff is in November, when Huntsville Art League does a “Call for Art” to area artists and tickets for the draw go on sale.

Art League Exhibitors and artists across the Tennessee Valley  donate works of art valued at $175 or more.   The artwork can be paintings, ceramics, glass,  jewelry, or handmade furniture.

Starting on “Black Friday”, tickets are sold to the community for $125.  Many people make it a tradition to buy tickets as Christmas gifts for friends and family.  The ticket guarantees each holder a piece of art.  Huntsville Art League continues to collect artwork (usually around 100 pieces and always more pieces than tickets sold) through the end of the year.   The art work will go up for display in the middle of January.

February 1, Huntsville Art League will host a Preview Reception at Lowe Mill for the ticket holders, which gives them the opportunity to spend time with the art, and rank their preferences.  Having your ranking in hand at the event is very important as once your ticket is drawn you will have a very short time to call out your choice of art work.

Then on February 15, Huntsville Art League will move all the art to Lowe Mill’s multipurpose  Event area (the indoor first floor connector) for “The Draw”.  This event is open to all ticket holders and their guests, and will be hosted by Steve Johnson of WHNT.

Then the fun begins.  One by one, ticket numbers are drawn at random.  The ticket holder of the first ticket chosen has their pick from all the art.  The second ticket holder gets their pick from the remaining art, etc.  We usually sell around 100 tickets, and collect at least a half dozen pieces more than the ticket sales, so even the last person has something to choose from.  So why does this work- everyone has different tastes in art.  Its not unusual  for ticket holders whose tickets are are drawn in the 30’s to still be getting their first choice piece and most people go home with one of their top 3 picks!


Buy your ticket online now via PayPal’s secure server. Each ticket is $125.


Go in person to Huntsville Art League, now located in Studios 202 and 103 at:
Lowe Mill,
2211 Seminole Drive
Huntsville AL 35805
(South of Governor’s Drive, just west of Memorial Parkway)

You can stop by and purchase a ticket at either studio.

You can also call 256-534-3860 and buy a ticket with your credit card, and we will mail it to you. Or, you can write to the above address and include a check.

Please join us in this fun event, and contribute to Huntsville’s oldest visual arts organization, the Huntsville Art League- still going after 56 years!