Focus on Community Outreach

by S. Renee Prasil

In partnership with Huntsville Alliance for Arts Education, Huntsville Art League is now providing arts education to 2 of our area schools, Pinnacle and Cardinal, and looking to partner with more! The SmART curriculum integrates academic standards, behavioral therapy goals, and arts education. Individuals who are on the Autism spectrum, overcoming emotional adversity, or addressing learning obstacles will benefit from this creative approach to learning and discovery. We are so excited about this collaboration! Making Art accessible to everyone plays a big part in our Community Outreach.

Most of you know that Huntsville Art League offers exhibition opportunities and art instruction. These things are “easy to see.” But the other part of our mission statement, “Community Outreach,” is not always so easy to see or tell others about.

“Community Outreach” is our term for our involvement in the community around us. It entails, among other things: Ÿ

  • classes we provide to Title 1 and at risk schools Ÿ
  • donations of art and classes to other non-profits and area charities (e.g., Therapy Partners, Land Trust of North Alabama, Huntsville Botanical Gardens) Ÿ
  • partnerships with community organizations and businesses (e.g., Big Spring Partners, Burritt on the Mountain) Ÿ
  • exhibition opportunities we offer to emerging artists of all ages (e.g., Boys and Girls Clubs, Huntsville High School Students, Ascribing Artists)

I have found that people are genuinely interested in hearing about the activities going on at the Gallery, especially when they benefit the community. Did you know that you can help us find funding for future outreach projects, just by letting those you come into contact with know about the good things we have done and are doing! Being an “ambassador” for the Art League is the next best thing to helping us research and write grants! Yes, it IS just that easy to get involved with Huntsville Art League! And if you are looking for more ways to get involved, we can help you with that just as easily! Call Tracey or me at 256-534-3860 and we will help you plug in!