From the Education Director

“Ch-ch-ch-changes!” could be the song of the season. And they are ALL good ones!

Thank you for being so supportive of our classes this quarter! Our new and updated website is helping, but we could not continue presenting the informative, constructive, and FUN classes we offer without your continued support: Thank you again! The teachers and I look forward to continuing to build our programs, and our new Executive Director, Tracey Sykes Chaplin, has some wonderful ideas for us, too! I am looking forward to working with her, and I invite you to drop by to meet her and welcome her into our group.

LivingSocial (a social media group) has helped us promote our “Fun Fridays” classes for adults, and students are excited about learning new media and ways to use media differently. Children are being introduced to various techniques and materials through our “Try IT!” classes. We have had many students sign up for multiple classes after trying just one. If you haven’t checked out these programs, please visit our website or/and our front desk soon.

We are always looking for input from you to make our classes better! Is there a class you want to take? A workshop teacher you’d like for us to bring to Huntsville? A medium you want more instruction in? Please let me know: I’d love to see each and everyone here, taking classes, playing in clay, paint, and more, each and every day!