gallery1In addition to providing you with discounts on workshops, art classes, frames, and art supplies, your HAL membership also provides support for the local art community.  You can take pride in knowing that you are bringing visual arts into school classrooms; you are helping talented people make the transition to talented artists; and you are promoting local artists through the Artist Mentorship Program.

  • Visual Arts in Classrooms:  This year the Art League partnered with the Arts Council to bring art education to Cardinal School here in Huntsville.  Many of the students at this progressive school are on the Autism Spectrum or they have other learning challenges.   The program was specifically geared toward furthering the students’ studies in math and improving their socialization skills.  Lessons ranged from finger painting to counting skills and used the mixing of primary colors to focus on skills like patience and sharing.  Visual arts were used to enhance conventional academic goals.
  • In many cases it is through association with the Art League that people come to call themselves artists.  Many artists begin hanging their art for the public to see and begin selling their art for the first time with HAL.
  • The Artist Mentorship Program is designed to match a HAL mentor with each program participant.  Attendees are involved in peer critiques and in monthly sessions with art experts who share their own experiences and knowledge. These monthly programs are open to all Art League members.  Each participant will develop an action plan culminating in the art for the AMP Art Show in September.  Our first class has 16 participants.
  • Membership Discounts on Classes/Workshops.  You will enjoy membership discounts on some of our education classes and workshops in our wonderful newly expanded education space! You can register for classes online.

Membership is for one year from the date you sign up.


  • Senior (62+) – $20
  • Student (most show valid student ID) – $20
  • Individual – $30
  • Family – $40
  • Supporting – $50
  • Sponsor – $100
  • Benefactor – $500


Basic Membership Benefits (Senior, Student, Individual, and Family):  Provides discounts on workshops and art classes; discounts on frames and art supplies at Frame World Art Gallery, Southerland’s Station, and Alabama Framers; acknowledgement in our newsletter; and eligibility for membership in Redstone Federal Credit Union.

Supporting:  In addition to basic membership benefits, a one time 10% off shopping spree on all art purchases, and invitations to special donor’s events and special previews.

Sponsor:  In addition to basic membership benefits, 10% off all art purchases, and invitations to special donor’s events and special previews.

Benefactor: In addition Basic membership benefits, 10% off all art purchases; one Collector’s Draw ticket; and invitations to special donor’s events and special previews.

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