New Figure Drawing Class

Through such input from students and artists, we are working on our Monday Evening Figure Drawing group, turning it into a Nude Drawing Class. Since I can hear the questions already, let me answer them in advance: Ÿ

  • We are keeping our clothing on, it is the model who will be nude. Ÿ
  • This class is after hours. The entryways to the drawing area will be closed, so that anyone who needs access to the Gallery or Studio space will not be exposed, and our model will be protected from prying eyes. Ÿ
  • You may work in any medium. This is a self-moderated group. There is no “teacher.” You will work at your own pace and skill level. I do not know about “Practice makes Perfect,” but it certainly helps improvement to happen more quickly! Ÿ
  • Students who appear to be under the age of thirty will be asked to show ID. There will be a minimum age to participate. This has not been determined as of the date of this writing. Ÿ
  • Alcohol will not be allowed in these classes. Should anyone appear to be impaired in any way, they will be asked to leave. Ÿ
  • There will be different models: male and female, young and old, large and small. We probably won’t know enough in advance to publicize which model we will have for which class, so sign up for as many as you can and see what happens!