Notes from the Education Director

“Time Is On Our Side” has been the theme of more than a few songs over the years. I think that shows an optimism or a hopefulness we all have or have had at one time or another. In order to increase the possibility of time “being on our side” when looking for classes to take, we placed the current Education Schedule in a “timeline” format — all of the classes are now in order by date. Children’s classes are in bold type and by completed grade, the others are for High School and/or Adults.

On the Website, Carrie has added a calendar for classes, too! Classes online are “color coded” according to grade/age of participants in order to help you find just the right class for you even more quickly. The input we have received to date regarding the schedule and website has been overwhelmingly positive! We appreciate your feedback! (We like the “timeline” format, too. It makes it simpler for our volunteer desk workers to locate “your” class!)

To help you fit art education into your timeframe, we also have classes ranging from less than 2 hours to 8 week classes that meet for 2 hours each session. And to help fit your budget, most of our class fees are less than $10 per instructional hour! This makes classes at the Huntsville Art League Galleries and Visual Arts Center VERY competitive locally!

Of course, we are always working to improve. We have updated our front desk computer to one strong enough to consistently handle sales receipts and make your purchasing/registration experience smoother and take less time. Hopefully, the program will be loaded onto it within a few days of writing this article. Keep those fingers crossed! As of this writing, our main issue is “online registration.” Right now it tells us that registration is closed, when it is still open! Arrgh! So, if you see this message, please call us at the Gallery for information on any classes you are interested in. Meantime, we will hope that everything is in place prior to publication date, and you can register online at any hour of any day for any class you want.

“Time”! Once I figure out how to “freeze” it, or get more of it, I will post it here in great BIG letters so we all can benefit! Until then, please visit our website or check the schedule for more classes that fit YOUR timeframe!

And as “holiday time” grows ever closer, remember that we have GIFT CERTIFICATES in any denomination that you can purchase for classes!

– S. Renee Prsail