President’s Notes

Thanks to all who are participating in Huntsville Art League! Our organization continues to improve and evolve, even in its 56th year.

I first want to thank the previous 2013-2014 Board for an outstanding job. Last June HAL was weathering some setbacks, but thanks to the quick work by Joan Funk, the Members came to a consensus to move to Lowe Mill. As anyone knows who has ever moved, that was a monumental task in itself, but also an opportunity to shed some “excess baggage.” Lynn Hartman was especially helpful in organizing our “collectibles”, and making HAL some money. Moving our belongings to two studios and two storage areas came off smoothly, thanks to a lot of helpers, and “the new HAL” began in October. Since then, we have successfully pulled off our annual Collector’s Draw, Unique Views, Gallery Tour, and Christmas Boutique. Our Education department has a full schedule of classes, and we have presented several very successful Workshops!

Next time you see her, say a special Thank You to Joan Funk who went way beyond the call of duty, not only organizing the move, but taking on most of the duties of the Gallery Director. Unfortunately, she has to return to her duties at NASA, putting things into space! I have (half) jokingly said keeping HAL running smoothly might make rocket science seem easy!

For those who don’t know me, I have spent my working years alternating between teaching school and managing small businesses (in photography, and computers). I have two grown children who live in St. Louis, where my wife Janet and I come from. Janet is in pharmaceuticals. We became avid photographers and did art fairs for a few years before moving to Huntsville. Since then we have done Panoply, Monty Sano, the Carnegie, etc., not to mention HAL shows. I shoot copies and make prints as a service to our area artists.

HAL has sort of taken over my life, since joining 10 years ago! I started out doing the Membership database, and then served as Vice President (1st and 2nd), PRESIDENT’S NOTES Secretary, Treasurer and President. My term as President was cut short when our Gallery Director left, and I replaced her. I have also worked as the Education Director, and right now am performing most of the duties of the Bookkeeper! I also organized HAL shows like Collector’s Draw, Unique Views, Mall shows, Sidewalk Arts Stroll, etc. As you can see, I have served in every office and staff position… pretty much “been there, did that” related to HAL.

In addition to the usual challenges of moving HAL forward, we are now looking at another move! Lowe Mill is opening a new North wing in the fall, and HAL will finally be able to consolidate into one facility again. This will be a great bonus to our artists and loyal customers who have managed to follow us thru the changes. Stay tuned for the next chapter! As we like to say, “there’s always something going on at HAL.”