Dennis Fakes

Dennis Fakes

I began drawing and painting at an early age.  I was six when my first pictures were published.

Torn between art and studies to become a Lutheran minister, I gave up on art to focus on my studies and then my 40-year commitment as a minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

When I retired in July 2014, I returned to art and tried a medium I had never tried before: watercolor. I love it because watercolor is incredibly difficult and challenging and, most important, can produce an effect no other medium can touch – especially with paintings that respect the viewer and allow the viewer to complete in his or her head.

My primary focus is portraits, pets, or homes–all items with a personal, sentimental, relational or spiritual link. I like getting to the essence of a face whether that face is a person, pet, or building. Landscapes are beautiful and I love painting them, but I find getting to the personality of the subject more challenging and rewarding.

I do not limit myself to watercolor.  I enjoy oil and acrylic as well.