Patti Eldridge


“I prefer a loose whimsical style that portrays a moment in time rather than an actual portrait. The relationship between people and catching people in the act of living are my favorite subjects to paint. I use watercolors with pen and ink and some acrylic metallic paint for embellishments. Recently, I’ve been adding collage elements, including musical notes and Japanese papers. On some of my Island women, I make watercolor batik papers that I then cut out and collage on for their clothing – sort of like dressing a paper doll. When it feels appropriate, I add stamps; some that I have carved myself.”

Patricia received a degree in art form the University of West Florida in Pensacola. She then worked as a technical and scientific illustrator for many years before moving to Huntsville, AL. Currently, she just completed illustrating a children’s book “Phantom’s Guardian Angel. Her work is displayed in several galleries and gift shops in Florida, Alabama and Georgia and Tennessee.