Heike Covell


“Watercolors let me go in any direction I want to go. Over the years my style has changed from only painting in a traditional way to my present style, which includes abstracts on paper and on canvas. Creating my art is a way for me to express what I feel and how I see the world around me. Sometimes subject matters call out to me to be painted in an abstracted fashion and other times I enjoy painting subject matters realistically.”

Heike has painted in watercolor for over 30 years.  She lives in Huntsville, AL. and is exhibiting regularly at the Huntsville Art League located at Lowe Mill Studios Arts and Entertainment, and has exhibited in various venues in the Huntsville area over the past years.

Heike is a Signature Member of the Watercolor Society of Alabama and volunteers as the WSA membership chair since 2009. As a WSA member she has exhibited at the Public Library in Birmingham, Jameson-Carnegie Heritage Hall Museum in Talladega, AL., Johnson Center For The Arts, Troy, AL, and at the Tennessee Valley Museum of Art, Tuscumbia, AL., as well as the Carnegie Hall in Decatur, AL.

She currently has a web page with www.artistcolony.net


Mixed media painting was juried into the on-line 2006 Spring Collage and Mixed Media Art Show and the painting and was displayed at the Creative Catalyst web Gallery.

Awards: Award of Distinction, Collector’s Draw 2007, Huntsville Art League; Award of Distinction, Unique Views of Huntsville 2008 (Organized by HAL).

One of my paintings was published in the Huntsville Sketch Book in 2006.

Recently she won the Patrons Award with WSA (Watercolor Society of Alabama) for her painting: “Squared Away” during the 70th Annual National Watercolor Society of Alabama Exhibition.