Judith Fields

As an abstract artist, working in both encaustics and mixed media, my work focuses on interpretations and perceptions. My personal vision is revealed through layers of subtle textures and marks and images. Each layer reflects a moment in time and, whether visible or not in the finished piece, its influence is very present.

In each artwork, I am hoping to create a harmonic balance, while preserving contradictory elements – light vs dark, order vs chaos, warm vs cool, etc. My goal is to bring all these elements into play and to find that balance of harmonious unity yet still retain an element of tension. The process of layering facilitates this goal, as each new layer brings more unity to the piece, while preserving the authenticity of each part.

Encaustics, which is painting with hot wax, is a very seductive medium due to its scent, its depth, its brilliance of color and its tactile properties. It challenges me because it is not an easy medium to control and sometimes I have to just stand back and see what is developing. But whether working with hot wax, fragile papers, photographs, watermedia, or many other elements, I am interacting with my work, seeking to express the harmony that came from conflict while honoring both aspects.

Judith Fields is an award-winning artist in encaustics, mixed media and watercolor. She discovered her artistic talents at the piano as a young child. In the space between childhood and becoming a full-time artist, she raised a family and gained her college degree in physics. Her career brought her to Huntsville, AL, in 1984, where she worked at NASA for 25 years. During those last few years in the work force, she began developing her artistic talents in visual arts to become a full-time artist in 2008.

Judith is primarily a self-taught artist, augmenting her personal study with various professional workshops around the country. Having worked in many media, including watercolor and acrylics, she has become primarily an encaustic and mixed media artist. Judith works out of her home studio and exhibits at Huntsville Art League as well as other local and state venues. She has participated in, and won awards in area and state-wide events and is a member of International Encaustics Artists and the Encaustic Art Institute. She is also a member of Huntsville Art League and a Bronze Signature member of Alabama Watercolor Society.

“Being of a curious and experimental nature, I love the whole process of making art, even when it takes me in an entirely different direction than what I’d planned. I enjoy the challenge of what I can create and how I can make it work. Making chaos into something that is meaningful and exciting is what the process is all about for me. It’s how I grow as an artist. It’s where I meet my muse. It’s where I find and express joy, and hopefully, bring joy to others.”