Bill Cline

When at Murphy High School was accepted into the Fan Randlette Art Honor Society by a juried art exhibition.

An exhibition sponsored by the Mobile Art Association won recognition in the city wide show.

Moved to Richmond, Virginia, where met Mrs. Bass at church and began going with her to a painting class taught by Helen Hull. That class became the startup of the James River Art League, of which I became one of the charter members. I am still on their membership list as one of two original members.

In addition to taking part in the Art League also began painting with a group led by Mr. Ralph Gray, owner of the Eric Schindler Gallery, in Richmond where I also volunteered when they needed someone to be in gallery.

I like painting in oil and doing landscapes and old buildings using strong colors. With my move to Huntsville I returned to painting that I love to do after many years away from it. I then became a member of HAL.

Phone: 704-871-2979



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