Eva Gentile

Born in a small farming town in southeastern Pennsylvania, Eva Gentile considers herself to be a simple and realistic person. Eva has been married to her husband, Tommy, for 38 years and has two beautiful daughters and two grandsons. She has lived all around the country – in seven states – and lived in Alabama for fifteen years.
Eva has a Business Administration degree from Athens State University, having graduated December 2002. Although she has no formal art training, Eva has been expressing herself artistically her whole life and is now fully pursuing her artistic career and love of the arts.

Artist Statement

I tend to paint and draw things that I love, cool things that I have seen, and things that deeply mean something to me and my faith.
I mainly do charcoal drawings and paint with acrylic.
I am a bit of a perfectionist so I try to make it look as real as I can (for the most part anyway). However, I sometimes do random pour painting as a back-drop for my subject because I do like that effect.

Phone: 229-869-3821


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