Jim Solomon

I am by nature an optimist. Therefore, when I look at a scene, I tend to see beauty. Sometimes that means ignoring some components and focusing on those that are beautiful in some way be it color, shape, texture, relative size, or a combination of any or all of these. It is that beautiful thing that I try to capture in my image whether it is a landscape, wildlife, or flower, and it may be an abstract. I am also drawn to peace and harmony. This finds its way into my work in the choice of colors more often warm rather than cold, and subjects conveying a sense of stability and tranquility. I love the sense of mystery and quiet inherent in fog and mist. I am visionary. Using familiar digital, single lens reflex cameras on a sturdy tripod with a variety of lenses allows me to focus on composing my image without having to concentrate too much on technical things. After capture, I use editing and processing software to bring out the best in my images and recreate on paper, canvas, or metal what I saw with my eyes and my heart. I am an encourager. Above all I want my images to be positive as they convey the beauty of the world God created and gave to us to enjoy and care for.

Phone: 256-539-8130

Email: jimfriphotog@gmail.com

Website: http://www.photographybyjimandFrieda.com/


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