Peter Hovanes

Peter Hovanes lives and works in Huntsville, Alabama, dividing his time between photography, travel, and cooking.  His photographic career started in Huntsville where he learned his craft by studying the work of Edward Steichen, Edward Westin, Edward Curtis, Imogen Cunningham, and Ansel Adams, as well as working with studio, newspaper, and industrial photographers in the area.  It was at this time he began developing his nature photography and fascination with light, shape, shadows and patterns.

Peter traveled extensively and settled in Northern California where he studied photography at The College of The Redwoods and worked with aerial and photogrammetric photography.  Life led him to Evansville, Indiana where he focused on commercial and advertising photography, and in the mid 1980’s he moved back to Huntsville where he opened the Commercial Images studio. Throughout this time his love of nature photography only grew.

Time and family responsibilities led Peter away from commercial photography as a vocation, but he continued to develop his personal photographic style, focusing on the light, shape, shadows and patterns of nature.

Now retired from his “day job”, Peter is again primarily focused on his photography.  He currently uses digital, film and scanned imagery to express his artistic vision, creating images of ethereal landscapes, delicate flowers and the play of light in the complex, yet simple, beauty of nature.