Cindy Reaves


Cindy’s visual arts creative journey began at the feet of her two grandmothers, who designed and sewed tiny Barbie clothes for her.  As a child, and throughout early adulthood, Cindy studied art books, eager to learn how to see and express what she was seeing.

After seeing a billboard featuring a landscape of colorful trees by her former art teacher, Sandra Fuller, she tracked her down and signed up for a watercolor class. The class was wonderful, and Cindy was hooked.

Working in a semi abstract style, shy of realism, Cindy currently produces her artwork in series, ranging from portraits to florals to landscapes.


Artist Statement

From the Lascaux cave paintings to the wild slinging of Pollock, we seek art for its beauty and the joy it brings us. Outside of God himself, the master artist, art is the ultimate freedom.



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