The Huntsville Art League is a cooperative gallery, whereby the artists provide the logistic and manpower support to make the gallery work. Unlike a commercial gallery that depends entirely on sales to pay staff and overhead, the gallery is operated by the artists, and funded by fees and commissions.

The exhibiting artists in the gallery are required to participate on one or more committees. It is these committees that perform the management activities and all of the daily work of the gallery. The artists are also required to work at least one 3-hour shift per month in the gallery. So, when you visit the gallery, you will almost always be greeted by an artist, and not a clerk.

For their efforts, the artists enjoy several benefits. These include the opportunity to learn the art business and lower commission fees then  charged by a normal gallery. They also enjoy having a gallery without having to work in it 5-6 days a week.

To be an exhibiting artist, you need to apply to and pass the standards board, be a member of the Huntsville Art League, and pay a very low monthly gallery fee.

Join us, and let your work be seen, or simply visit us and view the beautiful work of many local artists.

Download the Standards Application