Favio Caraguay

As multidisciplinary artist from Ecuador, my creative expression seeks to contribute new forms of art that RESONATE DIFFERENTLY. Emphasizing the interrelation and interaction among all forms of life—both visible and energetic—my artistic expression is a co-creative process thatemerges by conversing with these elements. With each composition, my intention is to create a field of resonance that fosters dynamic balance for healing existence in the Earth-cosmos. I carry with me a millennial wisdom that transmits itself through my contemporary artistic expressions. Its embrace of difference nudges us to enter into a dialogue of complementarity with contrasting ways of thinking, feeling and creating, and its cosmic scope invites us to contemplate alternative understandings of the relationship between humans and other existing beings. Through their geometric architectures that mirror cosmic patterns, my drawings, paintings, sculptures, photography among other mediums seek to reflect this wisdom and to harmonize with all that is.

Phone: 256-945-0412

Email: caraguaykay@gmail.com

Website: https://www.kaleido.art/caraguay