Lori Nieman

Lori is a California native, growing up in the sixties along the coast in San Jose, San Francisco and Santa Cruz. Although not formally trained, she grew up watching and learning from her art major mother, often tagging along for class. Many unusual art pieces and projects found places in her home as a result of art school!

Through another family relation that taught jewelry making at San Jose City College, Lori gained access to school resources allowing her to learn bronze casting into decorative pieces and jewelry, use of the potter’s wheel and how to make freehand clay pieces, and solder techniques. Jackson Pollock was just becoming famous at this time and on her easel she would mimic his paintings, frequently leaving “gobs” as though using a palette knife. Hers was a colorful, unconventional upbringing with painting, sculpting, and music ever present. Lori has painted off and on for more than 40 years but with big gaps. A 20 year career in the US Army provided few opportunities for her to indulge her artistic nature. After the Army she entered the medical field as a Registered Nurse. Despite many moves following her husband she found the creative spark again. Using whatever space she could make in the house, Lori focused her reawakening on oil painting due to her love of the sheen of oils. Indulging her growing artistic obsession, many of her paintings now reside in the homes and businesses of friends across the US.

After all these years working in private, she has decided to share her work with the public and become a member of the thriving art community in Huntsville. Her current focus is acrylic and mixed media abstracts. Although her previous artwork usually had a theme of objects, women, boats, buildings, trees… they were always executed from an impressionist or abstract point of view. Mostly she enjoys the creativity and excitement of playing with color!

Phone: 256-497-9872

Email: niemanla@gmail.com