Michael J. Redmond

I am a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I have extensive experience working in oil, acrylic and watercolors creating portraits, landscapes and still lives. My professional background includes commercial illustrations, commissioned portraits and architectural renderings. I spent over a decade working for an elite one of a kind decorative arts studio in Chicago painting faux finishes and murals in private estates across the United States.

From Illinois to North Carolina and now Alabama my paintings are inspired by photographs I’ve taken in the surrounding areas. The famous photographer, Ansell Adams, once said there is enough subject matter within a 50-mile radius of where one lives to inspire them for the rest of their lives. I continue to be inspired by my surroundings here in Alabama. My paintings are locally on view at the Huntsville Arts League Gallery within the popularly acclaimed Lowe Mills artist galleria.

I hope as you view my paintings that you can see my combined techniques learned in the decorative arts field and my classic training in the more traditional applications of oil on canvas. Through this I am trying to achieve a more layered and complex atmospheric surface than a photographic representational image. I hope you enjoy the works on display and experience the inspirational images surrounding us all.

Phone: 919-691-5790

Email: rockbottomarts@yahoo.com