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Rahul Ramachandran – Huntsville Art League

Rahul Ramachandran

Technology has always influenced art and created new art movements. Rahul is a research scientist and his research focuses on Artificial Intelligence (AI). While Rahul has no formal training in art, he has grown up around art. Both his parents are well-known artists in India. Rahul being an avid photographer started experimenting by blending his interest in art and photography with his expertise in AI algorithms. These initial experiments started as a collaboration with local artist Jennifer Redstreake under the moniker of “RedRam”. These experiments explored the use of neural network algorithms to generate new stylizations for a new digital art form Rahul called “Neural Art”. After this initial collaboration, Rahul developed this new form further by refining the AI algorithms and his creative process. The AI algorithm is Rahul’s brush and his photographs his canvas. His works are his visual interpretation of interesting places, people, things, and experiences purposely stylized to evoke an emotional response from his viewers.

Rahul continues to use the moniker of “RedRam” as an acknowledgment of the artistic collaboration that started with Jennifer. Rahul continues his creative journey in search of serendipitous new stylizations generated by his AI algorithms.

Phone: 256-520-0198

Email: rramachandran05@gmail.com

Website: https://redram.pixels.com/