Michael J. Redmond

I am a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I have extensive experience working in oil, acrylic and watercolors creating portraits, landscapes and still lives. My professional background includes commercial illustrations, commissioned portraits and architectural renderings. I spent over a decade working for an elite one of a kind decorative arts … Read more

Susan Steinhauser

My art and photography are inspired by the many places I’ve visited and my varied life events. To become a creative and inspired artist, I’ve had to let go of the technical aspects and explore the artistic side of my subjects. I am most happy viewing the world in a unique and colorful way. Things … Read more

Amy McBroom

Amy McBroom is a Southern painter greatly influenced by her almost 20 years in the District of Columbia before returning to Alabama. Her abstracts depict contrasting aspects of urban life, the stark reality of beauty and tension in daily relationship: a look at how long-standing norms and abrupt change coexist. Interpreting conversations, voices, spaces between, … Read more

Patricia Hart Eldridge

Patricia Hart Eldridge began her career by majoring in art at the University of West Florida in Pensacola. She then worked as a technical and scientific illustrator in government and business for many years and is published internationally. Currently, she does custom paintings in watercolor and collages of people, landscapes and pets. Her newest work … Read more

Nona B. Flint Rogers

Born and raised in Mississippi. Graduated South Panola HS. BS in art education and M of Education from Mississippi State with additional studies at UAB and UAH. Married to Steve Rogers for over 30 years and have two wonderful children and a lovely daughter-in-law. I work mainly from personal photos I take. Also will work … Read more

Shari Eliff

Shari works with acrylics, crystals and gemstones, and says ” Creating Art is her escape, her freedom, and the thing she likes to do most. Shari likes to share her creations and loves helping others (especially children) to learn to create and express their feelings and emotions thru their art. Shari says, “The types of … Read more

Chuck Whaley

Chuck has lived and worked in Huntsville, Alabama since 1961. He started painting as a hobby around 1980; he is completely self taught and has had no formal training except as a technical illustrator prior to receiving his degree in electrical engineering at the University of Tennessee. After trying oil and water color mediums, he … Read more

Dennis R. Fakes

Born and raised on the plains of Western Kansas, Dennis has always had an interest in art. As a teen he felt called to be a minister in the Lutheran Church and dedicated himself to that calling from 1974 – 2014. Upon retirement, he felt the calling of art once again and began a new … Read more

Heike Covell, WSA

Artist’s Statement Watercolor/water media has been and is my medium of choice. I alternate between representational rendered paintings and abstracts mainly on watercolor paper but have also worked with acrylic on canvas. Occasionally I also enjoy working with mixed media on canvas. Biography Heike has painted in watercolor/water media for many years. She has taken … Read more

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